Measures of Success


Since 1986, Student Sponsor Partners has helped low-income youth from New York City graduate from high school. The SSP® model works. Pairing each student with a sponsor and mentor and placing them in a quality non-public high school gives them the tools they need to succeed. Below are some facts that speak to Student Sponsor Partners’ record of success.

Student Sponsor Partners students graduate from high school

Over 85% of SSP students graduate from high school each year. This compares to a New York City high school graduation rate of 64.2% in June 2014.

Student Sponsor Partners is growing

In 1986, 45 students started high school at two partner schools with the support of 45 sponsors and mentors. Since then, over 7,000 SSP students have graduated from high school, and in 2014 over 1,200 SSP students are in 23 partner schools.


SSP students go to college.

In the graduating class of 2015, over 96% of SSP graduates were accepted to college. Only about 50% of New York City’s public high school graduates attend college.

SSP students receive millions of dollars in college scholarships and grants.

The class of 2015 is financing their college education through more than $33 million in scholarships and grants.

Throughout Student Sponsor Partners’ history, students have been the recipients of the New York Times Scholarship, the Gates Millennium Scholar, and the POSSE Foundation Scholarship.

SSP is growing.

In 1986, SSP started with just 45 students, 45 sponsors and mentors, and 2 schools. In 2013, over 1,700 sponsors and mentors support more than 1,400 SSP students at 25 schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

Student Sponsor Partners’ model has also been replicated in many other communities around the nation and world, including Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C. and Johannesburg, South Africa.

SSP students give back to Student Sponsor Partners.

To date, over 50 SSP graduates have returned to Student Sponsor Partners to mentor and sponsor students themselves.