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Student Sponsor Partners has helped over 7,000 financially, socially, and academically low-income students in New York City receive a quality education and graduate from high school.

SSP® students achieve a graduation rate of over 85% each year, and of those graduating students, over 95% of them go on to attend college. SSP changes lives. But SSP could not to any of this without the incredible generosity of our donors. By supporting SSP, donors give low-income students a chance at a bright future.

Join the Partnership. Help change the life of an SSP student.


Donate Now

All donations to Student Sponsor Partners through our Donate Now page contribute directly towards helping low-income students receive a quality education and graduate from high school. Without these small, one-time donations, SSP would be unable to support our students.

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Sponsors directly fund the tuition of one or more Student Sponsor Partners students. There are many levels of sponsorship, from sponsoring a single student to over 150 students. Each sponsor donation directly impacts an SSP student’s life.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Student Sponsor Partners has a strong history of partnerships with corporations in New York City, and their support has helped nearly 5,000 students graduate. Corporations can support SSP in a number of ways from general operating to bolstering the student program.

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