Process and Requirements

Please familiarize yourself with the Student Sponsor Partners admissions process and requirements before completing the application.

Who qualifies for Student Sponsor Partners?

-Students currently enrolled in the eighth grade.

-Students who come from low-income families. In order to qualify financially, a family should have an income of $10,000 or less per person in the household each year. For example, a family of four should have an annual income of about $40,000.

-Students of all backgrounds; SSP does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, or national origin.

-Students who, along with their families, are willing to contribute a portion of the tuition costs, usually around $800 per year + fees.

-Students who are academically average to below average.

 Additionally, please note the following:

-Students who have attended public middle schools receive priority in the SSP application process and will be placed in schools first.

-SSP does not mail out applications. Candidates must complete the online application or download the paper application from the website. If you do not have a personal computer, use a computer at your local public library or your student’s school.

-Proof of family income must be provided with the application. Income may be reviewed on a yearly basis at the discretion of the SSP staff.

-SSP students and their families are expected to contribute $900 towards school tuition each year. Please note that schools may have additional fees (transportation, books, uniforms, activities, etc.) for which students and their families are also responsible.

-Students who apply to SSP must take the TACHS exam.
(NOTE: If you are accepted to a school through the TACHS test, you are not guaranteed an SSP scholarship.)

-Students of all faiths are accepted. SSP is a nondenominational program.

-Candidates are encouraged to complete their application as quickly as possible. Please make sure all portions of the application are complete before submitting.

-SSP admits a limited number of students each year. Completing an application does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

-Students should apply to SSP here.

You’ve applied to Student Sponsor Partners. Now what?

-Once you apply to SSP, the application is reviewed by the Private School Aid Service to analyze the financial information included in the application.

-Following financial analysis, applications are sent to SSP in New York. The admissions team at SSP reviews the applications, and if the student is qualified based on their academics and financials they are called into SSP with a parent or guardian for an interview.

-Following the interview, if the candidate is still a good fit for the program the student’s application is forwarded on to one of the three schools selected on the application. SSP tries to give each student their first choice school, but depending on the number of seats left in the school and the type of student sometimes SSP must sent the application on to the student’s second or third choice.

-Once the school reviews the application, the student and their family will be notified whether they are accepted to the program.

-All decisions will be sent out via a letter in the mail.

What if you have more questions about the application process?

Please email